This is a message from Val McPherson that I sent to my NW area and thought you would like to be included.Due to Covid virus we have all had to do things differently this year, but our unexpected, uninvited “friends” do take advantage this time of year, especially now the nights get longer and the run up to Christmas normally sees in increase in burglary, although I have been informed that burglaries seem to be significantly reduced but that does not mean we can take ourselves off our guard.So in order not to become a victim of crime here are a few tips:If you ar getting items delivered make sure you track your parcels, and try to be at home for delivery or delivered to a trusted friend.
Make sure you cut up your package especially if the item was an expensive one and try and fit it into the refuse bin, or break the box down, never leave as a box by your bin.
Install a security Light.
Remove any address labels as they can give away what you have delivered as well as becoming a victim for identity fraud.The Christmas Tree
Do not leave presents in full view under the Christmas Tree.
Do not put on social media any pictures of your expensive items especially jewellery, or electrical items.
Remember to mark your new presents with a UV pen and register them on the national property register at: immobilise.comKeyless Car Thefts – I have already mentioned this but:
High value vehicles are being targeted by villains who use technology to lock on to the frequency emitted by your car’s remote locking key fob, and use that to fool the car into thinking it is being unlocked.
You can reduce this by keeping your keys well away from doors and windows and purchase a “signal Blocking Pouch which will interrupt the capture of the frequency. I have signal blocker pouches @ £4.00 each which can also be used for your mobile phone.CRIMESTOPPERS WARNING ABOUT ILLEGAL CANNABIS FARMSCrimestoppers – 8 December

Did you know illegal cannabis farms run by criminal gangs use modern slaves ?

Exploited and forced to work in dangerous electrically overloaded lofts that become a huge fire risk, they’ve no chance to escape unless people like you speak up if you have information that could help shut these illegal farms down.

Worried someone will find out you spoke up ?  We’re not the Police, so we’ll never ask for your details.  You’ll stay 100 % anonymous, but your information could help protect vulnerable people.

Get in touch today, online or on � T : 0800 – 555 – 111,

Doorstep scammers don’t stop for the festive season !   Deter them with a no cold calling sticker, look out for neighbours and don’t be afraid to shut the door !…/rogue-traders…/door-step
#StanTheElf #stopcoldcallers

We’ve received numerous reports of fake DPD e-mails, all of which suggest that you have missed a delivery.

The e-mails all have a link that asks you to provide personal details, to arrange a new convenient time to receive your parcel.   Some e-mails request financial details to be able to take a payment for redelivery.


These are phishing e-mails designed to steal your personal information and money.

If you receive an unexpected e-mail check the sender’s email address � they can look genuine so look for minor details like an extra letter, number or full stop.
Forward scam emails to the National Cyber Security Centre on � E saw this quote and thought I would include it in my email too.Beautiful Life Lessons

Pain is the precursor of joy.
After every downpour, we are gifted with a rainbow delight. When you are going through the ups and downs of life always remember that you cannot be happy or sad throughout.
It is a cyclic process and the only thing that remains constant is the change. You will not get sunny days all the time. There will be days with dark clouds and stormy winds but all you have to do, is do not lose hope and let things fall in their right places and you will be surprised to see the sun coming out from the clouds. As after every hill, there is a little valley. Happy Christmas everyone.

Information on Scams and Run Up To Christmas

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